OVG projectontwikkeling


Architect: Llewelyn Davies Yeang


Working with architects Llewelyn Davies Yeang, the Waterfront Eco-City was a project the Practice worked on specifically for an exhibition. The proposals explored the possibility of retrofitting an existing urban fabric and turning it into a green sustainable and visionary eco-city for the future. The design proposed a unique sense of place and identity, within an enjoyable iconic waterfront destination for those that live, work or visit the new quarter. The proposals include adding a new floating linear park within the river Maas which forms a continuous ecological corridor to neighbouring parks and green spaces.

The waterfront lifestyle will be further enhanced by performance spaces, open air theatres, waterside cafes and promenade walks. The bio-integration of the eco-city will incorporate several sustainable systems such as eco-cells within the proposed buildings for vertical landscaping, this will be taken one step further by intelligent facades utilising solar energy and wind power. The public realm will include the rehabilitation of the brown urban site into a green park incorporating sustainable drainage through the use of retention ponds and permeable surfaces. The building form has been adapted to capture rainwater for redistribution and provide irrigation to the sky gardens and green walls.