Canadian Metropolitan Properties Corporation


Architect: Llewellyn Davies Yeang


Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed to work on the master plan with Llewellyn Davies Yeang for the public realm as part of a rezoning application to the former 86' World Expo site in Vancouver, Canada.

The scheme proposes 7 towers ranging from 41 to 65 storeys for a mixed-use development totalling 278,732 sqm of commercial and residential units. Through an ecological rationale the design promotes 'eco-density' living by incorporating eco-technology systems , high level 'sky gardens' walkways and green roofs.

The proposals include a new cultural and entertainment space for performances, revitalisation to the waterfront and a new public green space over the retail podium levels. A main central square, located at the heart of the development, captures views out towards False Creek Bay and incorporates an amphitheatre with a floating platform hosting a range of programmed performances and concerts. A choreographed display of water fountains will arc through this space which will be traversed by paths responding to main desire lines.