Spitalfields Development Group + Hammersons


Architect: Foster and Partners Structural Engineer: Arup


Townshend Landscape Architects designed a family of three contemporary roof terraces as part of the Bishops Square, Spitalfields, development in the City of London.

Each terrace measures approximately 100m in length by 18m wide and were designed post building design which required a light weight landscape construction with minimal build-ups.

The design for each terrace was inspired by the three distinctive types of landscape that cover much of the United Kingdom. On the top terrace an 'upland landscape' was created with a low level, open feeling. A shaded 'woodland' garden was designed for the north side of the building at level eight and a 'lowland/agrarian' landscape using a sample number of species on floor six. The design concept defined the planting palette to create the individual character for each terrace. The spatial arrangement created by the planting allowed for corporate entertainment as well as for the use of office workers during breaks. All three terraces were paved using high quality granite paving and surrounded by a glass balustrade offering unspoilt views of the city and beyond.