Muse Developments


Architect: Halliday Fraser Munro
Planning Consultant: CBRE
Engineering: Fairhurst
Cost Consultant: Turner and Townsend


Marischal Square is the redevelopment of the former St Nicholas House site and Broad Street in Aberdeen and is adjacent to Grade A listed Marischal College. Muse Developments and Aberdeen City Council are joint development partners for the project, which aims to create a hotel, offices, restaurants, shops and new outdoor public spaces in the centre of the city.

The development area and local context has been through many changes over the centuries, the redevelopment of the site creates a great opportunity to reinstate this area as a civic centre, through the creation of a lively mixed use development and set within a series of new public spaces, strengthening connections and reinforcing the local network of public space and routes which already exist.
A New Civic Square as a setting for Marischal College:

The opportunity to create a new civic space through the pedestrianisation of Broad Street, offers the chance to provide a piece of public realm which meets not only the demands of the users of the development but sits within the context of the wider city network of spaces, providing a contrasting and complementary addition to the public realm.

Marischal College is a prominent large granite building in the centre of Aberdeen and considered to be an icon of the 'Granite City'.

With a distinctly urban character, the Square will have a sculptural quality drawing inspiration from the unique heritage of Aberdeen. Famous for its granite, the square will have a carpet of granite paving as its base, with elements such as seating sculpted from the same material. It is intended that this square will form part of the 'Granite Trail' of Aberdeen, celebrating the granite industry.

Mica glittered from the white stone.
Town of the pure crystal,
I learnt Latin in your sparkling cage,
I loved your brilliant streets.
Places that have been good to us we love.
(By Iain Crichton Smith)

Aberdeen is known as the 'Silver City' due to the large number of buildings constructed in granite which has a high mica content causing them to sparkle in the light.

The main concept for the square takes inspiration from this to create a series of 'sparkling' elements which form a strong rhythm through the space. This will provide opportunities for incorporating feature lighting set within the paving, water features and a bosque of 'silver' trees.