The Esplanade Quarter creates an opportunity to extend and improve the quality of the landscape and public realm by creating a series of new public spaces connecting St. Helier town centre to St Aubin's Bay. The design seeks to re-establish the character and vitality of the town as part of the ongoing improvements, allowing people to have the opportunity to enjoy and use a diverse set of new places that draw on the unique and special character the Island offers. The proposals include the creation of public squares, a winter garden and the reinstatement of the Jardin de la Mer, as well as network of pedestrian friendly streets connected to the development. In addition to the public realm, a range of living roofs will provide a green tapestry to the roofscape by enhancing the visual amenity and increasing the wildlife potential of the Quarter. The design for these roofs captures the tapestry of fields and valleys of the Jersey landscape which has been abstracted to create a unique feel for this development.