Barratt London


Architects: Witherford Watson Mann Architects, mae architects


Catford Green is the former site for the Greyhound Stadium and was released by the Mayor of London as part of his drive to unlock development on public sector owned land in order to increase housing supply. The £117m redevelopment will bring 589 new homes to the 4.7 hectare site in the heart of Lewisham under a deal reached between the Mayor and developer Barratt London. When finished, this will include 113 affordable rent properties, 60 shared ownership properties and 416 properties for private ownership.

The former dog track sits between two key transport hubs, Catford Bridge and Catford railway station, and when complete will also boast 508 sq m of retail space, 298 sq m of community space as well as landscaped links through the site to Ladywell Fields and Catford Town Centre.
The design for the open spaces is part of a vision for the development to encourage a range of different activities and uses by providing a sequence of legible public spaces and streets with a neighbourhood feel.

The spatial layout of the public realm is defined by an overriding north-south 'spine route' on which the buildings sit. This key spine aims to introduce a continuous green route through the development providing an active 'park like' setting for the residential buildings. This is reinforced through the use of planting and tree species which draw inspiration from the planting within Ladywell Fields to create a seamless link. The spine is complemented by a series of places which help add definition on through changes in character and use.