Royal Wharf Park Completed


Royal Wharf Gardens has been completed and opened. The Gardens are one of the key open spaces at Royal Wharf, the 17 hectare residential development alongside the Thames at Royal Wharf in East London.

The design has a large central lawn enclosed by swathes of planting and trees. The planting has been designed to celebrate the seasons with changing displays throughout the year. Along the eastern side, a swale, crossed by bridges, is a feature within the gardens and forms an important component of the site water attenuation strategy. To the west of the lawn, a local war memorial has been sited, nestled in the planting to allow peaceful contemplation. At the southern end of the Gardens, TLA adapted the design to accommodate the marketing suite for the site.

Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed to work on the project masterplan in 2010 and have continued working on the scheme through to its delivery. The masterplan envisages the creation of a new neighbourhood defined as much by its landscape as by its buildings and where almost half of the site is open space and public realm.