Kingdom Street, Paddington Opens


Implementation of a new public realm scheme at Kingdom Street and Kingdom Square, Paddington Central has been completed and is open to the public.

Paddington Central is an 11 acre mixed use site in central London. Townshend Landscape Architects were appointed by British Land to develop a masterplan for the site alongside Hopkins Architects to revive the public realm, placing a strong emphasis on place making, expanding the opportunities for people to enjoy and engage with the external environment. The most recent phase of works, Kingdom Street and Kingdom Square, was an opportunity to create a linear garden, removing the emphasis from vehicular traffic and prioritising pedestrian movement and activity. Spaces for games and recreation have been created with table tennis tables, a firepit, USB charging points and a lawn which can be used for organised events.

The design is dominated by the planting, creating a linear garden along Kingdom Street. A mixture of single and multistem trees are located along the length of the street providing height, structure and shelter. Understory planting is interspersed with specimen shrubs. A strong emphasis has been placed on seasonality with vibrant herbaceous and bulb planting. Flowering highlights include Alliums, Irises and Roses.